70,000-gallon swimming pool at The Village at DC Ranch

Water quality in commercial swimming pools is extremely important!

This summer, we’ve recycled numerous different residential swimming pools with our Reverse Osmosis (RO) mobile filtration trailer but we’ve also processed several commercial swimming pools as well.  We’ve started to notice an increase in the commercial requests because, in Arizona, commercial swimming pools are highly regulated due to the number of bathers. Not to mention, the cities have a lot more strict regulations when it comes to water chemistry in their swimming pools. Typically the following are reasons why a commercial swimming pool would be out of compliance:

  • High Calcium Hardness (CH) levels
  • High Cyanuric Acid (CYA) levels
  • High Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels
  • Presence of waterborne diseases

If any of the above issues are present, commercial swimming pools could be shut down or fined until they are dealt with. Unfortunately, if it is in the middle of swim season it could mean downtime for the swimming pool, which is never great for the establishment or for those that want to swim in the pool! If it happens to be in the summer that also poses challenges because it is extremely dangerous to drain a swimming pool when it is above 8o degrees. But, thankfully with our Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration Trailer, there is no downtime and we can process swimming pools 365 days a year!

As a bather in a commercial swimming pool, just because the water is blue and clear and is reading adequate levels of chlorine doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to swim in. Waterborne diseases can be present and that is why water quality is so important in commercial swimming pools! So, how do commercial swimming pools deal with increases in CH, TDS, and CYA? What happens when there is a waterborne disease present? Our fill water in the Greater Phoenix area is loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals. As water in the swimming pool evaporates, these hardness levels will increase in the swimming pool fairly rapidly because the hardness minerals remain in solution. Also, since the most common delivery of chlorine is by liquid injection, which is loaded with salt, it causes the TDS levels to rise as well in the swimming pool. At this point, the commercial property will need to change out the water in their swimming pool. When this time comes around (could be once per year) Monarch Pool Service can come with our RO mobile filtration trailer to recycle the existing water in the swimming pool. This is extremely beneficial to your commercial property because of the following factors:

  • No downtime and money saved – swimmers can swim in the pool while it is being purified.
  • The interior finish is never exposed which prevents it from cracking
  • The water after purification is much better than tap. It’s actually drinking quality water!
  • Water Conservation – we can conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool.
  • Lowers the chances of calcium buildup on the tile and interior finish of the swimming pool if the process is performed regularly.
  • Removes waterborne diseases
  • Water quality is the best
  • Keeps your water within city and state regulations

As a commercial swimming pool owner, due to the increase in waterborne diseases, this should be a concern of yours. Instead of draining the pool and filling it back up with our hard water why not put drinking quality water in the pool? This will save you time and money because it won’t be necessary to close the pool. Not to mention, the bathers will love swimming in the softer water!

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