In March of 2017, Monarch Pool Service started recycling swimming pool water in the Greater Phoenix area. We believe that the need for this service has never been greater. The concept of mobile filtration has been around for decades while using it to purify swimming pool water is relatively new. As drought conditions continue throughout the world, the need for trailer-mounted, self-contained mobile filtration units will increase and that is why we purchased a mobile filtration trailer to process swimming pools in the valley of the sun. In the last few months we have been able to process more than 50 swimming pools and now have reached a major milestone for our business. Due to the number of pools that we have processed, we have now conserved more than 1 Million Gallons of water in the Greater Phoenix area!

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of our customers, friends, and family for their support as we are off to a great start with this new addition to our business. If you’re curious as to why we do what we do, please CLICK HERE!

As for the swimming pool that pushed us over 1 million gallons conserved, we would like to highlight it because it happened to be a larger commercial swimming pool!


Size of pool – 135,000-gallons

John Millar (Community Manager)

CD Donaldson (Maintenance Supervisor)

On our pre-site visit, John and CD informed us that the reason they called us was that several of their residents were asking if their pool was a salt pool. They asked so much in fact that CD himself jumped in to see why everyone was complaining all the time. “I would tell people, ‘no, we do not have a salt pool.’ Then I jumped in and YEP! We definitely have a salt pool!” Little did we know at that time, their calcium and total dissolved solids (TDS) were extremely high!

We started processing this swimming pool with our Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration Trailer on July 1, 2017

Initial Chemistry

Calcium Hardness – 980ppm (more than 2x higher than the recommended amount)

Total Dissolved Solids – 21,270ppm (more than 7x higher than the recommended amount)

Salt – 13,290ppm (this is why the pool was salty)

Cyanuric Acid – 0ppm

After filtering this swimming pool until July 6th we were able to conserve approximately 85% of existing water in the swimming pool and the residents were able to swim in the pool during filtration! This is one of the benefits of using our service.

Ending Chemistry

Calcium hardness – 250ppm

Total Dissolved Solids – 3444ppm

Salt – 2501ppm

Cyanuric Acid – 0ppm

All of their levels are now in an acceptable range. We did highly recommend to them that they add at least 30 ppm cyanuric acid and explained why it is so important.

Here are some comments from the residents and staff on our process:

  • “I can REALLY FEEL a difference in the water! This is amazing!”
  • “I swim here every single day and I noticed a difference on the first day”
  • “I was skeptical at first, but this is really great! Not only are you conserving water, but we didn’t have to be without our pool for an entire week!”
  • “I used to have to wash my swimming suit as soon as I got home because the pool was so salty that it was changing the color of my suit!”
  • “I’ve been down here checking things every day and our residents are so happy! We used to get 20-30 calls a day concerning the pool. We haven’t gotten any the last few days! The water really sparkles now! I mean, REALLY sparkles! I’m so impressed!”
  • “People are really happy! There is no way we could have gotten through the summer without doing something with our pool. It was in bad shape! I love that you brought your banner stands! It really relieved the pressure of having to answer a lot of questions, people just read your signs!”

For commercial swimming pools who inject liquid chlorine having us out once a year is vital to prevent the issues they were having (not to mention the salt staining on the deck). In the end, our process will save you time and money and if you choose to use our service your residents will be happier and it will increase the lifespan of your swimming pool!

If you’re curious about how this service can work for you, contact us today!

We would like to personally thank John and CD. They were both extremely helpful throughout the entire process. From set up to break down, they made sure that we always had help and constantly offered us water. Whatever we needed, whether it was keys, access to equipment, or late night access to the pool area, etc they made sure we got it. Thanks again!!

A Million Gallons Conserved and Going Strong – Remember Don’t Drain Your Swimming Pool, Puripool!