Do you own a swimming pool in the Greater Phoenix area? Did you know that the calcium levels coming out of the tap are close to 400 parts per million (ppm) or higher? With levels, this high, understanding what happens when hardness levels in your swimming pool rise will be something extremely important to familiarize yourself with as a swimming pool owner. Calcium is necessary in smaller amounts to keep the integrity of the interior finish intact but as the levels increase they can be extremely damaging to your swimming pool. The water in the Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert area is high in calcium hardness. As swimming pool water evaporates, the hardness levels remain in solution and increase in concentration. As these levels rise, calcium will scale the tile, interior finish of the swimming pool, filtration equipment, spillways and decorative water features. Once scaling occurs, it can be extremely costly to remove so we want this blog post to be informative as to how you can prevent calcium buildup.

Investing in a swimming pool takes a lot more work than just being able to swim in it. The joys of summer barbecues, hosting pool parties and enjoying time with friends around the swimming pool is just around the corner. At Monarch Pool Service we want to make sure your swimming pool is not only blue and clear but also enjoyable to swim in too. That’s why our service goes beyond just weekly service, maintenance, and repair work. Granted, cleaning your swimming pool and making sure it is properly balanced is important but dealing with calcium, total dissolved solids (TDS) and cyanuric acid (CYA) is vital too especially when the levels get high.

When you have your water tested for the above and the levels are determined as high, most swimming pool professionals will recommend a water change. Typically, they will recommend a drain and refill but the following are reasons why it isn’t the best solution:

  • The tap water you are filling your pool with is moderately hard
  • It takes 2-3 days to complete
  • You can damage the interior finish of the swimming pool by removing the water
  • Loss of swim time

Whereas, with Monarch Pool Service we want to introduce you to Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mobile Filtration for your swimming pool. We can come to your residential or commercial swimming pool and recycle the water onsite. Some of the benefits of using our system are:

  • Drinking quality water in your pool
  • We can finish most residential jobs in less than a day
  • You can swim in the pool during filtration
  • You will notice a difference in the feel of the water
  • The interior finish is never exposed
  • Lowers calcium hardness
  • Lowers TDS
  • Lowers CYA
  • Lowers phosphates
  • Lowers salt
  • Removes waterborne diseases

By using The Puripool Process we can conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool, it can help prevent calcium scaling if you use our service every two years, it allows salt systems to work better and your swimming pool will thank you. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to schedule your mobile filtration today!